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Sherlock--Coat love

Novak Family Fic: nor truth in a crowded shop

Instead of writing an essay, or preparing for any of my exams, or for an upcoming Festival, I wrote fic. Yay.

nor truth in a crowded shop | Supernatural | Jimmy Novak, Claire Novak, Gen | Self-harm (burns) | Slightly AU from season 6 onward

After 'Swan Song' Castiel was put back together in an identical, but new, vessel. Jimmy Novak was sent back to his family, but no one ever taught him how to live again after being a vessel.

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Sherlock--Coat love

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Apparently I'm going to the SPN Con in Vancouver in August. I'm currently exhausted and sore and bitchy, so this is sort of just affecting me as a haze of excitment and a paranoia-driven need to start planning. And also as a need to write a prose-ode to my father.

He's coming with me. And by coming with me I mean he offered to ride along with me through six hours of what will likely be extreme shakiness, fangirling happiness and nerves. And then drive back with me being flaily, shaky, happy, tired and probably loud. I should make sure he drives. I would like to make certain that everyone knows three facts about my dad. 1. He's a truck driver who's extremely down to earth and practical. 2. He likes to try to be more redneck then he actually is. 3. He used to just frown in confusion when I talked about anything I was obsessed with.
Now he's attempting to tease me about my obsession and talking me into paying for photo-ops and things. oh my god I need to find something for Misha to sign. I sort of want to have him sign one my published poems because they're the thing I'm most proud of but would that be weird an awkward? Also I couldn't display it and frame it and reach for it first if there's ever a fire.
So yeah. Go Dad, who will likely sit through the panels in bemusement and be totally weirded out by any and all fangirl madness but offered to go because SPN is what we bond through.

/End of bemusement/happiness/what-the-fuckness/flailing/nonsensical words through a haze of fatigue
Alice Carter, Torchwood

DW/TW Drabbles

I was up most of the night writing increasingly weird poems and waiting for ibuprofen to work, and this lack of sleep coupled with the fact that isn't loading means I'm posting here. This sentence makes sense in my head. 


Torchwood/Doctor Who | Gen | Jack Harkness becomes The Face of Boe.

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just this human heart

Torchwood | Jack/Ianto | Drabble set during Adam | Title from “All My Stars Aligned” by St.Vincent

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Molly being lovely

Irene/Molly Fanmix

I’m having computer problems. Again. This means I can’t get to most of the fics I was writing. So when I saw that there was an Irene/Molly week on tumblr I pouted a bit and listened to music and then was like OH WAIT.
I don’t even know what this is. There’s bits of plot in there? Also, it’s ridiculously soft and cheesy. Even the song that could vaguely, if you squint, insinuate bdsm is ridiculous. But I decided I wasn’t going to make it sad, and so that left about 15 songs on my iPod to choose from. Seriously I don’t know what to do without the overwhelming angst I was expecting.

This sort of relates to my Irene/Molly verse. By which I mean they both have the same name and the song the name is taken from (‘Conversation 16’ The National) isn’t relevant to either of them. I don’t know. It began as a soundtrack for the verse and then it grew past the point I had written the fics to and grew descriptions and a purpose and I’m just going to stop rationalizing it now. Also, it did have a back cover. And then I lost it. And I’m no longer on a computer with any type of photo editing abilities, so... I'm about 80% sure you can recognize Irene in the cover....

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Sherlock--Coat love

Fic: It Feels Like Fear (Irene/Molly)

This is what happens when I ask myself "How tired would I have to be to write Irene/Molly porn?" Apparently the answer is catatonic. Instead, have some descriptions of John angst with a nice side of Porn Without Porn, while I try again with the sequel. 'Cause apparently I don't have the will to stop.

Title: It Feels Like Fear

Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Spoilers: All episodes

Pairing: Irene/Molly
Rating: I don't even know.

Warnings: brief discussion of suicide/self-harm, perceived suicide of a main character

Summary: In which everyone has trouble dealing with Sherlock's death, even the one who knows the truth.

Sequel to Break Me Out of My Cocoon

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River (The Big Bang)

Keep Me Away From Livejournal When I Don't Feel Well

It's a week when I feel like I am actually a half-way decent Speech/Drama teacher, so of course I decided to go through old documents. Self-satisfaction had to be challenged somehow.
I wrote Supernatural Christmas fluff. A while ago. And then I deleted the memoryof its pretentious title didn't do anything with it.
Title: The God in the Trench-coat and His Epilogue for the Damned
Fandom: Supernatural (the lure proved too much)
Pairing: Dean/Castiel (and again)
Spoilers: I'm pretty sure I wrote this 2 episodes into season 7 when there was still hope
Summary: This is how the New God redeems himself. Or, in which the Winchester brothers share an apartment, Castiel searches for redemption while being the most awkward caretaker ever, and there still manages to be angst.

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Sherlock--Coat love

Run to the Devil (Heart With No Companion)

I just have a lot of feelings after Reichenbach. I write better when I'm not overly emotional...but well, that's not going to happen anytime soon, is it? So this is basically gratuitous Post-Reichenbach flangst.

Title: Run to the Devil (Heart With No Companion)

Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)

Pairing: Sherlock/John, pre-slash

Spoilers: All of season 2

Disclaimers: No character is mine, title from 'Sinnerman' by Nina Simone and 'Heart With No Companion' by Leonard Cohen

Warnings: Murder, a bit of gore. What I thought was a rather erratic narrator until I realized that’s just how I write Sherlock without John. Sherlock should probably always be his own warning.

Summary: Sherlock leaves England to unravel Moriarty’s web, and then he returns to unravel his own.

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Sherlock--Coat love

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